[pmwiki-users] Conditionals in Templates

Scott scott at judyscot.org
Fri Sep 24 06:11:08 CDT 2010

  On 9/24/2010 2:28 AM, Petko Yotov wrote:
> On Friday 24 September 2010 03:16:07 Scott wrote:
>>    I am trying to use a conditional statement in my template:
>>                   (:if ! group Main:)
>> <!--wiki:Main.SideBar Main.SideBar-->
>> <hr>
>>                   (:ifend:)
>> <!--wiki:$Group.SideBar Main.SideBar-->
>> Unfortunately, this just outputs the conditional.  I also tried the php
>> variant and a few other things.
>> What is the correct way to accomplish this?
> Hello. If you want to always display the Main.SideBar page, just use
>    <!--wiki:Main.SideBar-->
> Otherwise, it is simpler to place the conditionals inside the pages, and not
> in the templates.
> Thanks,
> Petko

If I wanted it on all pages, I wouldn't need the conditional. :-)

I think it would be simpler from a maintenance stand point to have it in 
the template.  I basically want the Main side bar followed by the group 
side bar.   But on the main page, it would be redundant to have the main 

If this isn't possible, that's ok, I'll re-imagine it.


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