[pmwiki-users] [[!Tag|+]] markup

SteP step.list+pmwiki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 13:41:57 CDT 2010

I want to use markup [[!Tag|+]] in a page.

My intent with this - currently illegal - markup is to:
1. link my page to Categories.Tag, and
2. show a localized(*) title in my page.
Currently you can write [[!Tag]] which provides [1] only, and you can write [[Group.Page|+]] which provides 
[2]. But you can't combine both forms, which I think is a shame. It would be very useful to be able to do so.

How could I add this markup to pmwiki?
Is this a good candidate for a feature request in PITS?
(*)Showing a localized title requires loading one of the multilanguage cookbooks, either 
MultiLanguageViews or MultiLanguage.

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