[pmwiki-users] Archive.org, Vimeo, Youtube, GoogleVoice

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Thu Sep 2 02:32:15 CDT 2010

hi friends
i've made some major updates to a couple media-related recipes, plus added a new one:

the Archive.org plugin has been updated - archive.org recently upgraded their player to a newer version of flowplayer, and the ROEPattern for the embed code was broken. the ROEPattern now works again, and the new player is enabled, plus, due to a major rework of the recipe, more properties are available than before for customizing the player. admins can now also have their default properties override user input if desired. learn more here:

both the YouTube and Vimeo player markup have been updated. Vimeo has introduced a new "universal player" that can play videos on iphones, ipads, and for HTML5 equipped browsers. similarly, YouTube is currently experimenting with a beta, iframe version of their own future HTML5 player. both of these players can now be embedded by the new recipe, though code for the old ones are still included (Vimeo's new player is enabled in the recipe by default; YouTube's new player is turned off by default, since it's still in the beta stage). like the archive.org recipe, admins can now also have their default properties override user input if desired. see the cookbook page for more details, plus descriptions of other changes and improvements.

i've added a recipe for the Google Voice Widget. i don't actually use this, and it seems pretty prone to abuse/prank calls, but perhaps someone will find it useful. more details here:

wishing you all well,

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