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ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 14:26:48 CDT 2010

Fine !
I guess (not sure) you can write (probably duplicates are not allowed) what
you want inside [] : I guess you declare/write the code and its [reference].
For example [mathjax].

Someone better skilled will correct if I'm wrong.


2010/10/29 JamesM <j.montaldi at gmail.com>

> Thanks Gilles - that works.
> I used $HTMLHeaderFmt['']  without anything in the quotes
> ($HTMLHeaderFmt['logo'] is used in the example - I don't know how that
> 'logo' is used).
> I gave up on jsMath because either it uses images, which is not so nice, or
> it requires the user to download the fonts - and if they're using a public
> machine (such as a student computer cluster) they can't do that.
> Thanks again
> James
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