[pmwiki-users] WebFeeds does not seem to work properly

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Oct 5 09:36:03 CDT 2010

Thank Daniel and Patrick for you helpful and detailed explanation.
These days I attempted to understand the subject.

Patrick said that Rss (at least the standard set in pmwiki) grabs the
description part of the page, among other things.
So I went to a random pmwiki.org page
made sure that there is a clear and explicit description in the page,
which I found
(:Description Callouts are separately styled areas of a page,
typically used to break up long text, or to visually separate elements
of the page. Pm's Cookbook:WikiStylesPlus recipe provides callouts for
tips, warnings, and important messages. This recipe gives you more

Then I tried to get the rss out of that page but I got something quite

PmWiki | Cookbook / Callout
Cookbook / CalloutCustomization
05/24/2010 01:37 AM
This page explains how to create and use custom callouts, and is a
place to share and request new ones
PmWiki / WikiStyles
05/11/2010 08:04 AM

I'm really too puzzled, cannot find the reason. And, which is more, I
personally feel guilty for spoiling your kindness and efforts.
This all certainly means that Rss is something beyond my ability to
understand, even at its most basic level.
There must be a jargon, and a knowledge, behind it, which is too
advanced for me.
So, while it seems more and more important for the future of part of
the internet, I'm bound to accept that my small website will have to
survive without rss.

Thank you all the same, really!


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