[pmwiki-users] foxptv question

jamesdevain at mail.com jamesdevain at mail.com
Fri Nov 12 02:48:51 CST 2010


Is it possible to update the same PTV on multiple pages, but with 
different values
for each page? For example, let's say I have two pages, "Red" and 
"Blue". Each
has the PTV (:score::). I want to create a form that let's me update 
both PTVs at the
same time, but with different values for each page (e.g. (:score:15:) 
on the page
Red, and (:score:17:) on the page Blue).

I've tried things like:

(:foxptv Red ptvfields=score value=15:)
(:foxptv Blue ptvfields=score value=17:)

and also tried to set the value with "foxtemplate=15", etc., but 
nothing seems to

I realize I can add (:input hidden score 15:) to the form, but then it 
sets (:score::)
to 15 for both pages.

Is there a way to do this?


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