[pmwiki-users] subversion server not reachable

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Sun Nov 7 07:53:34 CST 2010


Until now I used the svn-sync without problems, but in the last time,  
when I tried to make an update or do a svn operatiom, svn complains:

pogay at aptosidbox:/var/www/tools/pmwiki# svn ls svn://pmwiki.org/pmwiki/tags/
svn: Can't connect to host 'pmwiki.org': Connection refused

I tried from my vserver and from normal Linux client installations,
I'm wondring wether other people have the same problem.

thanks in advance

Patrick Ogay

I found a post from 2009, where the server was not reachable for  
temporary reasons.

Altough it's possible to lownload a zip archive,
I really love svn,
und hope, it will be supported for the future.

many thanks for the good product pmwiki.

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