[pmwiki-users] Imorting a Microsoft Front Page Discussion to pmWiki?

Steve Commerce2008 at ErgoArchitecture.com
Sat May 29 00:39:32 CDT 2010


My small company has an in-house help system built using Front Page and their 
discussion webbot.  Unfortunately it is maddening to edit and Front Page has 
no future.  I would love to port it to a more robust and elegant system, and 
it appears that pmWiki is just the thing!

Our existing discussion has about 2,500 articles, many of which are 
hyperlinked to each other, and we can't abandon them to start over.  The 
articles are basic html files other than the webbot tag.  The articles each 
have a unique hexidecimal name such as 000003e6.htm

Any ideas on how I might be able to convert these files to pmWiki files and 
import them into a wiki?  Losing the hyperlinks would not be the end of the 
world, but some sort of automated process to import the articles is probably a 

Thanks for any ideas you might have!


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