[pmwiki-users] Triad, PageTopMenu and line-breaks

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat May 29 07:54:32 CDT 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010, 1:25:55 PM, Francesco Sblendorio wrote:

> Hi, I put some links in the Site.PageTopMenu of "triad skin". These links
> should be on one single line, but the line is broken:

> http://www.cicap.org/lombardia/wiki/pmwiki.php/Site/PageTopMenu

> I don't find a reason for that. How can I put all links in a single row?

See skins/triad/css/layout-main.css, see section
/*========== PageAction ================*/

.lnav and .rnav are defined as floating the divs left and right.
Each has a width set, so both can share the same line.
If you want more space before automatic breaking occurs, change the
values. Perhaps do it in pub/css/local.css
.lnav { width: 70%; }
.rnav { width: 25% ;}

The top menu line also got the links to toggle the left and right
columns, which take up space in the default setup. That's why the
width values for lnav and rnav are set to 40% each and not 50%.

Note that the top menus will still go across more than one line if
the browser window is put rather narrow.


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