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Neil Herber (nospam) nospam at eton.ca
Sat May 22 12:10:30 CDT 2010

On 2010-05-22 4:25 AM, adam overton wrote:
> hi there
> i've never used wordpress before, but am hearing about it constantly,
> and was wondering if anyone on this list uses both pmwiki and wordpress
> and could explain some of the differences. i know wordpress isn't a
> wiki, but it appears to have a level of customization that makes it very
> attractive. i'm interested to know what the advantages & disadvantages
> of each might be in terms of developing flexible sites for folks, and if
> there are those out there who use wordpress for certain situations, and
> pmwiki for others.
> any suggestions? how are they different?
> thanks a bunch!
> adam

Hi Adam

I use WordPress, PmWiki, and Simple Machines Forum (SMF). Each has its 
own advantages.

PmWiki is great for building a site by consensus - where several authors 
can edit all the pages. Well managed wikis improve over time.

WordPress is ideal for daily journal or reportage sites. I think of it 
as a newspaper with archives. Readers can leave comments, but they don;t 
alter the original articles.

SMF is a message board system. Message boards are ideal for support 
tracking or followong the twists and turns of a discussion. they do not 
lend themselves to building a consensus of opinion - quite the opposite 
if it is infested with trolls.

You could use PwWiki for all of these tasks, but WP and SMF provide 
working systems out of the box.

If you would like to see some examples ...

My personal PmWiki site (I have many that are not public) 

A PmWiki site used as a CMS  http://www.mugoo.com/wiki/index.php

A message board used by the same organization http://www.mugoo.com/smf/

My personal WordPress blog http://neil.eton.ca/blog/

Neil Herber

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