[pmwiki-users] RecipeCheck question

Ingersoll, Nelson Nelson.Ingersoll at atmel.com
Fri May 21 11:20:31 CDT 2010


   I cannot use the online recipe checker because my Wiki is behind a company firewall.  So I downloaded and installed CookBook::RecipeCheck.  After running it I updated various recipes which were way out of date.  However, two recipes show no datestamp on PmWiki.org.  They are Cookbook:ZAP and Cookbook:CommentBoxPlus.

   I picked up these recipes on PmWiki.org and am wondering what the lack of a pmwiki.prg datestamp means.  Are the recipes deprecated or unsupported?  I am running PmWiki 2.2.16 at this time.

   Thank you for your help.


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