[pmwiki-users] Chinese on VMS?

Patrik Schrey patrik.schrey at skynet.be
Sun May 16 12:32:33 CDT 2010

Hi Tim,

PmWikiZhCn is cleaned up and re-packaged (Thanks Petko!).
The latest version is available at http://pmwiki.org/pub/pmwiki/i18n/i18n-zhcn.zip
Some important notes:
- The page State Of Translation, updated with latest information,
gives a good overview and extra notes on the current status of PmWikiZhCn.
- The English PmWiki documentation is still needed as base documentation.
I have re-routed to this PmWiki if the local translation is not yet available.
- A documentation index and WikiTrails are not available either. Use page Basic Editing as starting point at this moment.
- I have also added a local WikiSandbox and Search page, and the SideBar now routes maximum to localized pages.

If you need help to setup the Malay translation, let us know. Did you choose PmWikiMs as groupname?


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  Hi Tim,

  I checked quickly the current PmWikiZhCn package and it contains a lot of spam and test files.
  You can safely delete all pages that have file names with Chinese characters in it.
  Also some of the other pages are sandbox/spam.
  I will have a better check later and clean up and I will ask Petko to re-package.


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  > Is it possible to run the Chinese version on OpenVMS?
  > I've downloaded and unzipped the Simplified Chinese translation,
  > however when I unzip it I get a large number of files with garbage
  > extensions in VMS.
  > These look like: PMWIKIZHCN._________;1 on VMS, because the extension
  > contains non-printable characters on the VMS system.
  > There were Chinese character in the file extensions and that VMS choked on them.
  > I guess this means I cannot run PmWiki in Chinese on VMS.
  > Is this correct?
  > I find it interesting that I can save Chinese characters in the actual
  > Wiki itself, but it does not appear that I can run a Chinese version
  > itself on VMS.
  > Am I just missing something like unicode filename support for VMS?  I
  > believe we are running with the ODS-5 Volume Structure already, as I
  > have case preservation in the filename now...
  > Any ideas other than dumping VMS?
  > Thanks,
  > -Tim
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