[pmwiki-users] Deep linking

Randy Brown alongkiss at aprivatespot.com
Thu May 13 09:17:29 CDT 2010

Try this, using the Cookbook:Request recipe:

Page A:

[[B?show=1 | Continue…]]

Page B:
(:if !request show:) (:redirect A quiet=1:) (:ifend:)

The above should always redirect users who are attempting to read page B to page A unless the URL link that they clicked on contains a "show" parameter. If you prefer to require going through page A only once, you can instead use the httpvariables recipe to set a cookie and then test for that.


On May 13, 2010, at 5:08 AM, Daniel wrote:

> Is it possible to allow access to page B only after page A has been visited?

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