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Francesco Sblendorio sblendorio at gmail.com
Tue May 11 17:59:10 CDT 2010

Thank you very much, I solved with your suggestion!

Now, I'd like to separate by a thin bottom border (1px) the 5 links under
the "News" section in the SideBar. I tried by using this definition in

(:template first:)
%sidehead% [[{=$FullName}|News]]
(:template each:)
* [[{=$FullName}|*%newsentry%*{=$Titlespaced}]]

so placing %newsentry% as style and defining it as:
*.newsentry { border-bottom-style:solid; border-bottom-width:1px }*
...in "pub/css/local.css".

...but it underlines the WHOLE text, while I tried to put a sort of
"underline" as a separation line between the multiple-rows links..

2010/5/9 Peter Bowers <pbowers at pobox.com>

> On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 7:12 PM, Hans <design5 at softflow.co.uk> wrote:
> >
> > try this in Site.SideBar
> >
> >...
> It seems like you could do it with a single pagelist, using (:template
> first:) and (:template each:)... Maybe something like this:
> %sidehead% (:pagelist trail=News/News fmt=#Site.SideBar#news count=5
> order=-ctime:)
> (:if false:)
> [[#newshead]]
> (:template first:)
> * [[{=$FullName}|News]]
> (:template each:)
> ** [[{=$FullName}|{=$Titlespaced}]]
> [[#newsheadend]]
> (:if:)
> -Peter

Francesco Sblendorio
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