[pmwiki-users] GUIButton for centering text

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed May 5 17:09:14 CDT 2010

On Wednesday 05 May 2010 21:03:29, Moni Kellermann wrote :
> When I set $EnableGUIButtons = 1;, the centering button is supposed to
> create
> %center%
> as it does with older versions of pmwiki. Now it inserts
> %25center%25
> with the additional 25, yet the code for the button in guiedit.php is
> unchanged
> And is that a typo, so the simple solution is to change %25center%25 to
> %center%?

Hello. Yes, it can be changed to "%center%" now -- it will be fixed in version 
2.2.16 (in a few days).

> Is the code parsed in a different way now?
> I just wonder why it would not display the 25 with old pmwiki versions.

Yes, the code is slightly different now. 

Previously, the insMarkup() JavaScript function was called via a javascript: 
protocol and the percent signs needed to be encoded as %25 (not sure exactly 
why/if this was required). But this couldn't work well with some recipes like 


because clicking on a gui button was considered by the browser as "leaving" 
the edited page, and triggered a warning while it shouldn't.

Since version 2.2.2, the insMarkup() function is called via an "onclick" 
event. This should work exactly like before for all users and browsers, but it 
shouldn't trigger the "leaving the page without saving" event and warning.

We just didn't notice that problem with the "%25" until now -- thanks for 
finding it. :-)


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