[pmwiki-users] What attachment operations do you want or need?

Eemeli Aro eemeli at gmail.com
Tue May 4 15:40:12 CDT 2010

On 4 May 2010 20:32, Karl Schilke <schilkek at onid.orst.edu> wrote:
> I think Attachtable is really great as it is, but there are a few tweaks and
> features that I think would greatly improve it.

The problem is, there are so many different little tweaks that could
and should be implemented that the code is swelling to an
uncomfortable size. Some things might indeed be fixed by tweaking the
current codebase, but that one recipe is by now trying to do far too
many things all by itself that it'll be easier to split into separate
recipes and then wrap them up again as a bundle.

> I have the attachment version support enabled (it just saved my skin the
> other day). However, I often accumulate a dozen or so deleted versions of
> each attachment. For instance, figure image files often change many times
> during the writing and polishing of a scientific manuscript. It would be
> nice to have a mechanism to go back later and permanently delete all those
> "intermediate files" in one swell foop, without having to log into the
> back-end host to run /bin/rm, or to delete them one-by-one.
> Finally, it would be a big help if there was a way to move or copy the
> attachments from one Group.Page to another (individually or wholesale).
> Currently, the best way I've found is to download the attachments, re-upload
> them to the new location, and then delete the old attachments. Again, not
> conceptually difficult, but tedious and irritating for a large number of
> attachments (plus an exciting opportunity to really mess things up).
> On that note, how about an option to download all attachments as a .zip
> file? If the current version of the page itself (either as Wiki markup, or
> better yet, HTML) were included as well, this would make a nice way to
> backup or transfer a single page.

Ugh. You just reminded me of another, earlier idea that I've had that
would be really nice and useful, but requiring far more effort than
I've gotten around to yet: a file explorer for PmWiki. A separate page
(really, a separate interface) that lets you see all the pages and
attachments in your wiki by group (or by some other ordering) and lets
you select some set of them according to various filters, and then do
actions on them. So I'm afraid your nice little things have gotten
themselves attached (at least in my head) to a much bigger thing
that's too big for me to have bothered doing anything about it yet.


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