[pmwiki-users] RFC: Indexing categories and links (suspended)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Mar 7 06:48:59 CST 2010

On Sunday 07 March 2010 09:24:44, Hans wrote :
> Petko writes in the original post:
> > Category links are stored in a special attribute in the page file, and
> > also in a special file .pageindex to speed up the searches, in the form
> > "Category.Name Category.Name2" etc.
> I don't see that. I only see a targets= attribute, which will list
> all link targets in the page, including links to Category pages.

The special attribute targets= contains all category links. That's what I was 
saying. :-)

> Category links are not treated different than other links,

I didn't say they are treated differently in page indexes, they are treated 
differently in page/structure/markup processing and rendering.

> and categories exists as pages (even though they may not exists, but
> only virtually). This is the core idea. I do not see the distinction
> between declaring a category and referencing to a category page.
> We are using link markup, so are referencing to another page.
> We are not declaring category attributes to a page.
> Unless one wants to change this, I see no reason for this whole
> discussion.

We are indeed discussing a possibility to change this. :-) By adding both the 
current "Category.Name" and the new "!Name" strings to the targets= attribute 
and to the .pageindex file.


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