[pmwiki-users] Wikipublisher error

Bernard Bel bernarbel at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 02:57:26 CST 2010

I installed wikipublisher on my pmwiki sites so that visitors can create PDF versions of the wiki pages.

See the PDF button on page http://ciane.net or http://wiki.leti.lt/DanseRecherche for instance.

Unfortunately on either site it generates an error message that I am unable to interpret :

Document at http://wiki.leti.lt/pmwiki.php?n=DanseRecherche.DanseRecherche&action=print&ptype=print&format=pdf&authid=wikibook&wpversion=2002016 does not appear to be in Wikipublisher XML

I visited http://www.wikipublisher.org looking for support and posted a message on their site but got no reply.

The URLs are properly registered on their site, so I guess that the problem may lie in the way I set up the implemented recipe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Bernard Bel

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