[pmwiki-users] Skipping Edit and using Fox.

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Mar 1 16:42:33 CST 2010

Mark, I recreated the Journal.Journal page and the Journal.Template

Clicking the link takes me to page Journal.20100301001 in noraml edit
mode. No tempate is inserted into the edit window.
I guess you have set somewhere that new pages should use the
template? Still, clicking  a link to a non-existin gpage will always
put you in standard edit mode, with or without a template inserted.
It won't be saved automatically.

Now if I click the submit button of the Fox form, page Journal.20100301001
is created (saved) with the template as content, i.e. that form.
I don't see an issue there.

What is totally unclear to me is the purpose of that form getting
saved into the new journal page. That is not a Fox form, even though
you use #foxbegin# and #foxend# in the template. In Fox context, those
two are markers which foxdelete can use to delete a range (several
lines). When Fox posts a template with those markers, they will be
converted into markers which carry an id stamp.

In fact the form is dead, and submit does nothing.

If it would be me i would put a Fox form into the GroupFooter or
GroupHeader to add the journal content, posting to the current page,
which will get created with a simple Fox form using the newticket and
adding some standard content perhaps. Or have the full journal content
form on your index page, posting to target newticket.

I can see one issue with the Fox form on the Journal page: if you use
redirect, then (:foxmessages:) will never get a chance to show errors
or feedback. But it is finew there for debuging, when you turn off

hope this helps a bit!


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