[pmwiki-users] Using Intense Debate With Bloge

Sovvie sovvie at intrepidtrek.com
Fri Jun 25 08:59:05 CDT 2010


With a few changes, I've been using Bloge's original comment system for a
while. The only thing left to figure out is how to not have to put in
numbers for captchas when I'm logged in in order to post a comment. That
said, the whole ID thing is still bugging me. I don't like leaving puzzles

Well, half the puzzle had been solved. With some help from ID support, ID
worked just fine on the single entry pages. It's on the Blog.Blog page
where there was still trouble. If I used the same variable values
$pagename and $PageUrl, the pagename and url of Blog.Blog will be used,
not pagenames and urls of the entries outputted to Blog.Blog in the
pagelist. After searching for a solution, it may be that there's no way to
get the (:intensedebate:) markup to use the pagenames and url from the
pagelist, or maybe I'm not well-versed enough yet in PmWiki-ese to figure
it out. :(


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