[pmwiki-users] Wikis On Same Domain Using CleanUrls

Sovvie sovvie at intrepidtrek.com
Fri Jun 11 16:20:32 CDT 2010


I have three wikis installed, but I'm not using a farm. All of them are
using CleanUrls, and all of them occupy the same domain. The problem comes
when I use one wiki as *the* place you see when you go to
http://www.intrepidtrek.com/. The other two are
http://www.intrepidtrek.com/itwiki and /newwiki. When you go to either of
the two, I get an error message saying PmWiki can't process the request
and gives a link to domain.com.

Is PmWiki confused about where to go? And if so, how can it be fixed.

Thnaks in advance!

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