[pmwiki-users] are anchors or nonexisting pages first class citiziens

Walter Keller wa at wlkl.ch
Thu Jul 15 14:17:49 CDT 2010

I'm using PM Wiki to keep track of thousands of keywords. Many of them 
has only a small sentence attached to it.  I want some advice how to do 
it best:
1) every keyword get's its own (existing) page, in the index page I have 
a reference to each keyword page
2) every keyword get's its own page, in most cases (with only a short 
definition attached to the keyword) the page does not exist. It exists 
only for keywords with a reasonable long text.
3) a keyword is either an anchor in an index page, or (if it has a lot 
of text) an own page.

variant 1) needs a lot of (nearly) empty pages which is confusing and 
(possibly) slow.
variant 2) gets a lot of non existing pages. What are the disadvantages? 
Can I use them e.g. in pagelists? Can I list all existing pages 
togethether with all reference pages that do not exist?
variant 3) a lot does not work for anchors, e.g. (:if exists 
page#anchor:), anchorlist as the analogon for pagelists etc..
variant 4) any other suggestion

Furthermore, I use custom markup which yields an anchor. This anchor is 
not recognized by includes, because the do a hard search for [[#... 
without any regEx replacements. Is there a way to get this running?

thanks for your comments


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