[pmwiki-users] Include static HTML

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Tue Jul 13 11:26:05 CDT 2010

>Not sure if the following is perfect, but it works...
>  'html',
>  'fulltext',
>  '/\\(:html:\\)(.*?)\\(:htmlend:\\)/esi',
>  "'<:block>'.Keep(str_replace(array('&gt;', '&lt;', '&amp;'),
>  array('>', '<', '&'), PSS('$1')))");

Sorry, but I'm not sure that I understand. Mostly because I didn't
expand on my situation:

1. I have static web pages generated by Arles[1], images with
2. It generates an index.html, then each image has its own web page,
with annotation and navigation for next/previous...
3. My pagestore is: 'wiki.d/{$Group}/{$FullName}' so I store
everything by group.

so are you saying that I should include the index.html source inside
the (:html:) (:htmlend:)?

But then where do I store the individual pages?

[1] http://digitaldutch.com/arles/

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