[pmwiki-users] Pasting text from existing sources

Ivan Mann ivanmann at uab.edu
Mon Jul 12 17:54:47 CDT 2010

I am converting a lot of web pages to PmWiki.  Some of them have over a
hundred lines of lists that I would like to appear in the PmWiki pages
pretty much the same way - a line followed by a blank line followed by the
next line, followed by a blank line, and so forth.  Cutting and pasting into
the PmWiki edit window it adds all the lines together and the output is not
real readable.  I don't want to just tell it preformated text because I
would like to be able to put links and so forth in some places.

I can, of course, add double slashes to the end of each line, but that is
going to get tedious after a couple of minutes.

Is there a markup or something that tells PmWiki to use carriage returns as
carriage returns?

Ivan Mann

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