[pmwiki-users] Attach: Image - Cant attach after 2 page layers.

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Mon Jul 12 14:09:51 CDT 2010

Hello Petko,

	Thank you very much for your prompt and descriptive answer; both
helped in resolving the problem 
and pointing me to the actual documentation section.

What I didn't put in the original email was I'm very new at PmWiki and
even searching the 
documentation sometimes you miss the relevant points.

       Many Thanks

       Kind Regards

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On Sunday 11 July 2010 10:29:39, Omniware Systems wrote :
> Problem: Using the Attach: command to display an image in the PMWiki
>  after two "page layers"
> I can get the Attach: cmd to work in the Main, FAQ's page using
>  Attach:error47.jpg On the "System Settings and Administration" page I
>  only get it to work using Attach:main.FAQS/error47.jpg
> This is no good as it presupposses the image has been displayed
>  at a higher level; which can not happen in all situations.
> It is possible these pages could go to 5 - 6 "layers"
> Read & read the Basic Editing and Documentation Index section and
>  but didn't find my answer ( that I could see).

Hello. Please see the notes about $UploadPrefixFmt at the pages:

In the default pmwiki installation, when you attach a file, it is
attached to 
the "WikiGroup" so for example all pages in Main.* can display it with 
Attach:file.jpg . You seem to want this to work from all pages and all
in that case, you can set "Single upload directory for site-wide
This is configured with such a line in config.php:
   $UploadPrefixFmt = '';

Note that after this, all your current files will not be visible, until
mive them like this:
  from : pmwiki/uploads/Main/error47.jpg
  to:    pmwiki/uploads/error47.jpg

and so on for all your files. (After the change, the line 
Attach:main.FAQS/error47.jpg will still work, but the part "main.FAQS/"
not be required.


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