[pmwiki-users] Using Searchbox: restricting to a ptv

Graham Archer Graham.Archer at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 25 08:04:38 CST 2010


apologies if
a) this has been asked before
b) it is in the PMwiki site

but I have tried looking at the mail-lists and the Pmwiki site but can't 
seem to find the answer, hence the question.

I would like to be able to use the Searchbox and for the search to be 
specific to a page text variable - ptv.


Page 1 has


Page 2 has

( Fruit:Pear:)

Page 3 has


I would like to setup a searchbox where if the user types in the word 
Apple,  it would only apply to the ptv Fruit and not to any other ptv. 
At the moment in the above example the search returns both pages 1 and 2 
results, whereas I would want it only to return page 1 with the ptv 

Any guidance or pointers would be most helpful,



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