[pmwiki-users] Display PDF

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sat Jan 23 05:44:32 CST 2010


i had always wondered about this too, but didn't realize embedding  
pdfs was so simple. this will prove very useful for one of my sites  
(a pdf-storage site)

i went ahead and made a recipe wrapper for using the GoogleViewer  
(which supports PDFs, PowerPoints, and TIFF files):

i had trouble with peter's ViewPDF recipe b/c it requires the  
installation of the Adobe PDF plugin - and my Safari browser is  
seemingly allergic to it (it never loads!!), and my firefox browser  
is using a non-Adobe PDF Plugin. i'll have to get this sorted out to  
see if this is any better than the GoogleViewer option, which luckily  
doesn't require any plugin.

one caveat - i'm not that familiar with other pdf-viewing services,  
but while the GoogleViewer loads pretty well, it seems like certain  
fonts look awfully yucky, and it severely compresses and dithers the  
images to the point of looking like they're out of the late 90s -  
another big yuck.

but it works!

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