[pmwiki-users] Help needed - Wiki refuses all edits, even in sandbox

Mark Timothy Rooze mtrooze at sc.rr.com
Wed Feb 24 19:04:45 CST 2010

Help, please. I have been setting up a wiki for our college, and had  
made some progress with skinning it. Then I updated the software to  
2.2.13, and for some reason the wiki would not accept page edits --  
not even to the sandbox. Actually, I don't think it has to do with  
2.2.13, because I updated my MAMP test version to 2.2.13 as well, and  
it works just fine. I actually think that some IT tech has  
incorrectly changed some setting at about the same time as I upgraded.

Anyway, the URL is http://eng260.fdtc.edu . I've turned on  
EnableDiagnostics and turned off my read, edit, and attr passwords  
for the time being. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mark Rooze

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