[pmwiki-users] Quality problem viewing Quicktime movie

cAs casfotoplus at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 15:10:27 CST 2010


hope you can help me. I installed PMWiki today and thusfar i'm impressed. I
abandoned MediaWiki dus to some session-errors that i couldn't get rid of.
For my Wiki, being able to upload Quicktime movies is key. So i installed
the quicktime.php and got it to work. Had to set the scale=tofit param.
But in viewing my test-movie the quality is a lot worse than on mediawiki. I
use screenmovies for instructional purposes, so being able to see the text
is important.
Is there a quality-setting in quicktime.php that degrades output on PMwiki?
Off course i compared identical movies.
Thanx for your help!

Kind regards,
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