[pmwiki-users] FOX-question: reading / writing plain text files ?

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Sat Feb 6 04:28:03 CST 2010

Hi (I think this is a special question fot Hans) !

Is it possible to process plain (text) files (outside of pmwiki) with 
the fox-edit-feature. I want to use pmwiki as a kind of framework.

I know, fox + dataplates can be used as an sql-db-frontend, so I wonder 
if there is an easy way to process a bunch of text-files (but not 
pmwikipages) as well (I'm thinking of xml-files).

The parsing of a textfile into pmwiki-page(text)vars before calling a 
fox-form must be done by a customizable php-script, I thought that could 
be easily done within a $pagename.php-file I should be able to solve this.

Puting the form-data into a predefined format is done by fox, I think 
there I mustn't change anything.

But I've no idea how to write into a textfile instead of a pmwiki-page.
Is it possible ? Do I have to write a Handle for this ?


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