[pmwiki-users] substr markup breaks with httpvariables

edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Thu Feb 4 13:59:13 CST 2010

Ok, I found that the result *{Dec  * is coming from my tests. The Group I am
using is named Decisiones (spanish) so the problem is that substr in not
evaluating {Test.{$?page}$:date} . is only  seeing the  expression as Plain
Text ( it should be {Tes for our porpuses.)

Anyway or ideas on making substr evaluate correctly ?

Best Regards,

On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 8:25 PM, edwin marte <edwin.marte at leidba.com> wrote:

> I have a set of pages with a couple of  page text variables  (PTVs) on them
> of the form yyyy-mm-dd .
> I need to grab  year , month and day values from them to display in another
> page.
> I  have a page Test.0001 with  (:date:2009-02-15:)
> So if I point the browser to Main.Test?page=0001 (using httpvariables) and
> then write  {Test.{$?page}$:date} on it I get *2009-02-15* (working)
> then I try {(substr  {Test.{$?page}$:date} 0 4)} and I get    *{Dec
>      *it breaks somehow ,  I was expecting to get 2009*.
> *Any pointers on how to make substr markup work the way I'm doing it ? Any
> reason why it breaks ?
> Best Regards,
> Edwin
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