[pmwiki-users] link to particular diff in history

Rik Blok rik.blok at ubc.ca
Mon Feb 1 15:11:41 CST 2010

Hi everybody, long time lurker / first time poster here.  I've set up a 
notify list but I'd like the links it creates to point to the 
appropriate diffs in the history page.

I've added the necessary anchors in the history page by adding this to 
> $DiffStartFmt = "<div class='diffbox'><div class='difftime'><a name='\$DiffId' href='{\$PageUrl}?action=diff#\$DiffId'>\$DiffTime</a>\$[by] <span class='diffauthor' title='\$DiffHost'>\$DiffAuthor</span> - \$DiffChangeSum</div>";

But how do I get the notification to point to it?  I tried
> $NotifyItemFmt = " * {\$FullName} ... \$PostTime by {\$Author}\n Summary: {\$LastModifiedSummary}\n {\$PageUrl}?action=diff#{\$DiffId}\n";

but it looks like $DiffId isn't defined when $NotifyItemFmt is used.

Thanks for your help,



Rik Blok
Integrated Sciences / Zoology
University of British Columbia, Canada

email:  rik.blok at ubc.ca
phone:  604-736-6343
office: LSK 466
web:    http://www.zoology.ubc.ca/~rikblok

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