[pmwiki-users] translation difficulties

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Mon Dec 27 05:19:14 CST 2010

I'm in process of translating PmWiki into shqip and having some difficulties
with special characters.  Here are the steps I follows:

* Created a new www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWikiSq/XLPage
* Edited all the right-hand-side strings creating ë and ç characters as
appropriate, using the alt-135 and alt-137 on the number pad
* Saved that page on pmwiki.org
* Changed to a ?action=source view, copied
* Went to my own wiki (www.lutje.org/pmwiki/PmWikiSq/XLPage), edited and
pasted and saved
* Noticed that the special characters were not displaying correctly so went
to my farmconfig.php and put in the instructions for UTF-8
* Saw that the characters were still not displaying correctly so went into
?action=edit, copied into an editor, did a global search/replace for the
appropriate HTML entities, copied&pasted back into the ?action=edit box, and
* Now characters show appropriately on my site.
* I went back to pmwiki.org and see that those special characters are not
even HTML entities -- they appear to be just question marks.  Whatever I do
with copy/paste at this point just has question-marks...

Obviously this has something to do with character sets and the whole UTF-8
thing, but I'm kind of hazy on this whole area...

(1) How *should* I have done the above?  Different order, different steps,
(2) How can I get the text from PmWikiSq/XLPage now that it's messed up?  I
can copy/paste from my local copy, but if I didn't have that solution
available what would I do then?

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