[pmwiki-users] having trouble with google :(

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Wed Dec 22 19:20:56 CST 2010

Hello Stew !

Just some thoughts.

PmWiki isn't guilty, it works nicely with Google.
It's up to you to organize your site with Google (and other) in mind : use
titles, use links, use menu.

At first sight, it is very difficult to see where to go when you surf at :
http://gml-reference.co.cc/ ; no links to internal pages ;
the links in the left menu are very cryptic and link to no-existing pages :
you should link to existing pages ;
if you need a page where to collect todo pages, not yet existing pages, use
a special one.

Do a basic page called SiteMap with a pagelist listing every usable page
(:pagelist group=-PmWiki,-Site :).
You can use footer and header to include some navigation item (create a
basic navigation bar in some page : SiteMap | Backlink | Search | Contact
| etc. and include it in your GroupHeader).
Link every page to another page (backlink, grouplink, categorylink).
Create rss link in a footer (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/WebFeeds).
Create every group home page (Extra/Extra ; GML/GML) and write an easy
description : what is this group about, what is done, to do, etc.

This way, your pages should be better indexed.
If someone links your site, you will get more traffic.
It also depends what your site is about : cryptic subject should generate
less traffic than win-an-iphone or see-hot-girls**...
does you need trafic ? ;)
If yes, on your home page, explain what is your site about, and use !!
titles ; help the visitor ; do better leftmenu ; link to external reference
site (GML language, link to Wikipedia if you don't want to write a page), so
Google will see and maybe understand.

*5 minutes later, I see your ListOfCompletedPages : write it at the top of
your page.
**using a pretty girl as your logo will help (if she uses an iphone, it's
the best I guess).

Hope this can help a little ;)


2010/12/22 Stew_822 <stew822 at gmail.com>

>  Hi there everyone! I'm not really quite 100% sure how to use this thingy
> correctly, so please forgive any mistakes [image: :)]
> Anyway, I've been having quite an odd problem with PmWIki: Only the first
> page is noticed by google. You can see what I mean by going to
> http://www.google.com.au/search?sourceid=chrome&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&ie=UTF-8&q=site:gml-reference.co.cc
> Anyway, I really don't know what's going wrong. I was wondering if someone
> might be able to shed some light? I have CleanURLS and that's about it. I
> don't hav robots.txt or google sitemaps or anything like that.
> Any help would be appreciated greatly [image: :)]
> thanks :)
> - Stewart
> Oh and I waited about 3-5 months, so please don't tell me to waited longer
> hehe [image: ;)]. I think if google was going to pick it up, it would have
> done so by now [image: :)]
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