[pmwiki-users] having trouble with google :(

Stew_822 stew822 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 16:42:37 CST 2010

Hi there everyone! I'm not really quite 100% sure how to use this thingy
correctly, so please forgive any mistakes :)
Anyway, I've been having quite an odd problem with PmWIki: Only the
first page is noticed by google. You can see what I mean by going to 
Anyway, I really don't know what's going wrong. I was wondering if
someone might be able to shed some light? I have CleanURLS and that's
about it. I don't hav robots.txt or google sitemaps or anything like
Any help would be appreciated greatly :)
thanks :)

- Stewart

Oh and I waited about 3-5 months, so please don't tell me to waited
longer hehe ;). I think if google was going to pick it up, it would have
done so by now :)
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