[pmwiki-users] a simple form

James M jamesm1415 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 10:46:57 CST 2010

Dear all

I see there are various form recipes available for pmwiki
(wikiforms/fox/...) and I'm hoping someone could guide me to the
simplest one to use for my purpose.

I want to make an interactive FAQ page for my teaching - where
students can fill in a form asking a question and then I can reply
(either filling in a form or editing the wiki page).  I tried
wikiforms, but that's not appropriate as it only puts one question per
page.  I'd also like to be able to style the question and answer
differently using CSS - eg just a different colour background. It's
going to take me too long figuring out how to use each one.

Thanks for any suggestions


ps If possible, I'd like to configure it so that students can
authenticate their submission with their University username/password
which can be read off an LDAP server.  But that's not essential.

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