[pmwiki-users] BlogIt Installation Problems

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Wed Dec 8 21:15:01 CST 2010

On 12/8/2010 4:10 PM, Olga Lositsky wrote:
> Dear PmWiki Users,
> I'm having a problem installing BlogIt on my Wiki, and I think I must
> have missed some step of the installation, but can't quite figure out
> what it is. When I followed the steps in the recipe (unzipped the
> cookbook and pub files, added the necessary code to my local/config.php
> file, created Main.Blog and added the Blog code to my SideBar), three
> headers appeared in my Sidebar : Recently Written, Recent Comments and
> Categories (with a login underneath). This is my current test Wiki:
> http://compmem.princeton.edu/tests/test1/
> Unfortunately, there is no New Entry link in the SideBar
Ensure you have setup the authorizations for read and edit. Then login, 
and you should see the New Entry link. Specifically make sure you're 
declaring the security elements before including BlogIt.

> and the
> Site.BlogIt-NewEntry page does not exist.
Correct, templates for new blog entries are in Site.BlogIt-CoreTemplate.

> The only problem I can think
> of is that I may have installed PmForm incorrectly. I read on the BlogIt
> page that PmForm is a prerequisite, so I downloaded it into the cookbook
> and wikilib.d directories, included the code in config.php and created
> the Site.LocalTemplates (though I didn't modify it.)
Downloading PmForm separately is not necessary. Use the version included 
in the BlogIt zip/tar. Simply put pmform.php into the \cookbook directory.

> Can anyone think of a step in the installation I may have missed?
If you still have problems feel free to send me the blogit related items 
from your config.

  ~ ~ David

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