[pmwiki-users] pagelist in multiple columns

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Mar 30 16:47:25 CDT 2009

Jan Erik Moström wrote:
> I've got a wiki with a page that uses pagelist to generate list 
> of pages in a group. The title for each page is fairly short so 
> I end up (or rather "will end up") with a narrow long list of 
> page names. Is it possible to define a format in some way which 
> will display the list in three (or any other number) columns 
> instead of just one?
> I looked at the pagelist templates but couldn't figure out if 
> it's possible or not.

Using CSS, you could define an outer div container with a specific 
width. Then each iteration through the pagelist should include an 
element which is floated left.

Untested example (using embedded styles for clarity):

(:template first:)
(:div0 style="width:200px;":)

(:template each:)
(:div1 style="float:left;":)
my stuff

(:template end:)

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