[pmwiki-users] Fwd: Pmwiki doesn't ask password PLEASE ADVISE THX

Guillermo Calderon - INCO calderon at fing.edu.uy
Wed Mar 25 08:40:38 CDT 2009

Richard escribió:
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> Date: 2009/3/24
> Subject: Pmwiki doesn't ask password
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> Good day,
> I have a problem with pmwiki on my hosting account. First i installed 
> everything on my own webserver, changed the skin and gave the pages some 
> text. After that I wanted to put it online, so i uploaded(ftp) exactly 
> the files that were on my own webserver to my hosting account.
> When i opened the page in my browser everything looked just fine, but 
> pmwiki didn't asked a password(it did on my own webserver). I tried it 
> again on another hosting account hosted by another ISP, it did ask a 
> password. I have tested if sessions and cookies worked fine on my 
> hosting account and so far as I could see they did. Changing the 
> permissions to 777 of the wiki.d dir wasn't working.
> Someone a idea what i could try more?

Maybe permissions for file config.php are wrong:

	- directory local:  execute for all
         -  file config.php:  read for all

I may be useful to enable diag and use action=diag in order to check 
the value of variables involved with authentication.

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