[pmwiki-users] Changing a link name in the sidebar, but keeping the link?

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Mar 24 01:04:14 CDT 2009

To rename a page the simplest way is to

(1) go to the edit screen on the old page, select all the text, copy
(2) go to the edit screen on the new page and paste

At this point you have copied the old page.  If you want to rename the page
then go back to the old page, edit it, and put "delete" as the only text in
the whole page.

This method will lose the page history on the new page but RecentChanges and
etc will be updated properly.

The other option is to go "behind the scenes" with either FTP or on the
command line and issue a rename/move/mv/copy/cp command (depending on your
platform and desire) to rename or copy the whole file.  That method will
keep the page history but RecentChanges and etc will not be updated.

I hope I've correctly understood what you're trying to do.  If I've
misunderstood maybe you could clarify...


2009/3/24 Alasdair McAndrew <amca01 at gmail.com>

> I have a list of links in my sidebar (with the sinorca skin), all of which
> are edited by
> * [[A new page]]
> Recently I wished to changed one of those names, but keep the page it was
> linked to, rather than have a new page created automatically.  How can I
> best do this?
> Thanks,
> Alasdair
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