[pmwiki-users] Old version to new version, another issue

Timm tjburns at charter.net
Sun Mar 22 15:50:56 CDT 2009

I'm trying to work through the conversion of my 1.x site to 2.x

According to the instructions, I can test the new version with the old 
pages by putting the following in my config.php in the 2.x installation


where path is replaced by the path to the old wiki.d file.  I can also 
remove the wiki.d folder in the new installation; I have just renamed it 
to wiki.d.old

I am on a shared server, the entire path to the 1.x wiki.d folder is


the new pmwiki is installed in


So I have changed the config.php insert language to:


when I refresh the wiki page, nothing loads - there is no page source to 
be viewed.

I have also tried this eliminating the directories one at a time until 
I'm down to /mysite/pmwiki, just to see if I am somehow not to use the 
top level directories, nothing changes.

What am I missing?

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