[pmwiki-users] Why won't my skins change?

Timm tjburns at charter.net
Sun Mar 22 13:33:06 CDT 2009

I am moving a site from an old 1.x pmwiki install to a 2.x install.  I'm 
trying to get my skins to change to newspaper or maguila, but for some 
reason I cannot accomplish this.  I change the Skin paratmeter in 
config.php to 'newspaper' or to 'maguila', and I am still looking at the 
pmwiki skin.  I do have a newspaper and a maguila folder under the skins 
directory.  I know it's reading my config.php, as the icon I have in the 
'newspaper' folder is being displayed.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I've read through the 
instructions a couple times and I must be missing something.  Any help 
would be appreciated.

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