[pmwiki-users] Removing or changing styles in PmWiki

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Mar 21 11:27:07 CDT 2009

On Saturday 21 March 2009 13:51:41 Sergio Lopes wrote:
> I found no information in PmWiki site, and I tried to place a
> local.css file under pub/css, a local.css under my skin's folder, and
> redefining the styles in the css file my template is using, neither
> worked and the styles defined in the head section still prevail above
> my own styles.

Make sure in your local.css file exists and is actually called by the browser. 
Your own file shoud be 'pub/css/local.css' with 'pub' situated in the same 
directory where your 'index.php' file is. In case you have a wikifarm 
installation, only the local field's 'pub' directory can contain local.css, 
Group.css and Group.Page.css that override the skin's css and pmwiki's 
internal css.

You could otherwise add "!important" at the end of your local.css 
definitions :
   .indent { margin-left: 20px !important; }

> What is the proper way to either remove the styles PmWiki adds

You can remove all standard wikistyles by adding this line to local/config.php
  $EnableStdWikiStyles = 0;

Note that this will remove things that you probably need, this is recommended 
for advanced wiki admins only.

> $HTTPHeaders = array(
>   "Expires: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 00:00:00 GMT",
>   "Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate",
>   "Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1;");
> Are these the header sent to the browsers? And if so, is there a way
> to change this as I don't use ISO-8859-1 but UTF-8 in all my pages.

PmWiki works fine with UTF-8 if you add near the beginning of config.php this 

It takes care of headers, of the <meta...utf8/> tag, and of some optimisations 
like case-insensitive searches.


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