[pmwiki-users] notify - can to use multiple subjects and body texts from one wiki?

david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 19 00:49:57 CDT 2009



the notify.php script is particularly useful for emailing requests. 

in one instance i have a group called ServerReboot with a wikiform to action the request. an email is generated, in the style of:


subject of mail - Server Reboot Request

body of mail - To view the request please visit: http://name/index.php?n=ServerReboot.00017


this is pulled from


SDV($NotifySubjectFmt, 'Server Reboot Request');


"To view the request please visit: \$NotifyItems\n");


whilst config has



$NotifyList[] = 'notify=name at name.co.uk name=ServerReboot.0*';

$NotifyList[] = 'notify=name at name.co.uk name=SecondGroup.0*';

$NotifyList[] = 'notify=name at name.co.uk name=ThirdGroup.0*';

$NotifyDelay = 0;

$NotifySquelch = 0;

$NotifyTimeFmt = 'm-H:%M';

$NotifyItemFmt = "\$PageUrl";


i appreciate it's not good practice editing the scripts themselves (in case of future upgrades). it was just easier for me!


my question is whilst i can be informed of changes in my three groups, how do i have the email worded differently according to which group the request came from? how do i specify different notify statements in notify.php? is it something obvious?!





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