[pmwiki-users] pagelist extension - experimental

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Mar 16 19:24:08 CDT 2009

Peter Bowers wrote:
> intersection: (:pagelist (name=Foo)+(group=Bar) order=name fmt=#simple:)
> union: (:pagelist (name=Foo),(group=Bar) order=name fmt=#simple:)
> difference: (:pagelist (name=Foo)-(group=Bar) order=name fmt=#simple:)
cool, this is relay a nice feature.

> In light of the recent discussions on the link=x limitations, this 
> extension could really make a difference there...  Basically it gives 
> you the capability of combining multiple pagelists into a single 
> sorted & formatted pagelist.
I guess this would end up with a syntax like (link=page)+(link=page2). I 
don't think this isn't the best way cause if the value of link= is 
somehow dynamically generated the input would be a csv. And transform 
csv into (link=xx)+(link=XX) isnt realy practical, especially if the 
other pagelist arguments like group, name $:ptv support comma separations!

grz nos

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