[pmwiki-users] pagelist extension - experimental

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Mon Mar 16 16:13:09 CDT 2009

I'm interested in people's thoughts on this extension to pagelists.  It's
purely experimental right now and requires a slight change (a single
character) to a core script, so it's not too useful right now, but I thought
I'd see what interest there was.

Basically the idea is to allow page selection criteria to be placed within
parentheses inside the (:pagelist ... :) markup.  Those parentheses can then
be combined with intersection, union, and difference operators

intersection: (:pagelist (name=Foo)+(group=Bar) order=name fmt=#simple:)
union: (:pagelist (name=Foo),(group=Bar) order=name fmt=#simple:)
difference: (:pagelist (name=Foo)-(group=Bar) order=name fmt=#simple:)

In light of the recent discussions on the link=x limitations, this extension
could really make a difference there...  Basically it gives you the
capability of combining multiple pagelists into a single sorted & formatted

There's a proof-of-concept page (i.e., pre-experimental) at
http://pmwiki.qdk.org/pmwiki.php/PageListPlus/PageList.  Feel free to treat
that page or other pages in that group as a sandbox to play with the idea...

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