[pmwiki-users] page -name -title array?

Eemeli Aro eemeli at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 11:05:33 CDT 2009

The value of {$Title} is defined in the $FmtPV array, which you may
overwrite. To first look for a Title page text variable, this ought to

$FmtPV['$Title'] = 'PageTextVar( $pagename, "Title" )
  ? PageTextVar( $pagename, "Title" )
  : ( @$page["title"] ? $page["title"]
    : ( $GLOBALS["SpaceWikiWords"]
      ? $AsSpacedFunction($name) : $name ) )';

Note that this doesn't overwrite {$Titlespaced}, but that'd be the
same as the above except for the last parenthetical bit replaced by
just $AsSpacedFunction($name).

There's been recently some discussion on getting rid of the special
markup for the page title, description and keywords
-- does anyone else except for Simon and I think this might be a good


2009/3/9 noskule <noskule at gmx.net>:
> hi list
> If I use the {$Title} variable it shows me the pagetitle defined with
> (:title name:), if it isn't defined is shows the page name. Is there a
> way to add a ptv named Title at the beginning of this process so the
> {$Title} variables shows first the ptv named Title?
> thanks for any hints
> nos
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