[pmwiki-users] Working on a new one, PmDocConvert

Chris Cox ccox at endlessnow.com
Thu Mar 5 16:24:29 CST 2009

We have a wonderful internal wiki with LOTS of customizations, including
the ability to use markup to turn a page into SSL for example... and
much more.  Some of the code needs cleaning up... but I've been working
on a new addition to allow fo rthe easy upload and portrayal of 
proprietary (i.e. Microsoft) formats.

It relies on the the ability to run OpenOffice as a server with
pyuno support (builtin to most OOo 3.x) and the python program
DocumentConverter.py  But it's not just a wrapper around the
python program.  Anyway, imagine uploading a PowerPoint presentation
to you wiki and then being able to flip through it like it was
a series of web pages.  Or imaging seeing your Excel spreadsheet
inline as a PmWiki table.

Granted, this may make people NOT want to put things into the wiki,
but when you've got users using things like SharePoint (eww!) and
just want a pretty document repo... this helps you to be

Drool over the picture at:
(image is corrupted at the bottom.. ignore)

Hope to get the finishing touches on this over the next
week and get the first edition posted.

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