[pmwiki-users] write ptv to profiles page is a user logout

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Thu Mar 5 13:47:56 CST 2009

Peter Bowers schrieb:
> The difficulty I think you're going to have is that lots of users use 
> a wiki without logging in until they need access to protected pages
I need the "last action" ptv only for registered authors
> most that do log in probably just close their browser when they are 
> done rather than actually logging out.  But those are functional specs 
> -- presumably you've got that side of things already figured out...
no that's this mail about. The simples way would be to write a the "last 
action" ptv on every browse and edit action. But that seams not so 
smart, so I thought someone knows a way to do it just if the users get's 
logged out. either way, by logout action and by timeout.
> In theory these lines in your config.php would suffice:
> if ($action == 'logout') {
>    include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/toolbox.php");
>    writeptv($pagename, MakePageName($Author), 'last_logout', time());
> }
> That is absolutely off-the-cuff so probably has syntax errors and etc 
> besides any logic errors -- just trying to illustrate...
> -Peter
thanks for the toolbox hint

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