[pmwiki-users] Floating 'edit' button idea

Piotr A. Dybczyński dybol at amu.edu.pl
Mon Mar 2 13:46:38 CST 2009

On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 15:47:01 -0600 Randy Brown
<randy at brownragfilms.com> wrote:
> Another nice feature would be the ability to do a search and replace.  
> I end up copying the entire markup to a text editing application,  
> doing the global replace there, then copying the text back to the edit  
> box.

Perhaps you should look at the "It's All Text" extension for the Firefox
browser (provided you use/can use this browser).
It is extremely flexible an useful. I've managed to configure it to open a
terminal with my favourite Midnight Commander internal editor (mcedit)
whenever I click on its icon during pmwiki  page edition.

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